Do you have mobile friendly websites?

image of old Stags Head Maidwell websiteGoogle previously announced that from April 21st 2015 they will be placing more importance on mobile friendly websites and will thus rank them higher in search results. This change has been made to ensure that users are able to view relevant search result data no matter where the information is presented from.

If your site looks like this image when viewed on your mobile device your website will be penalised by Google.

It also means you need to take action now so you don’t lose out to your competitors.



How do I test my website?

Google provides various tools for you to test whether your site is not only mobile friendly but also how well it performs in terms of speed and user experience. You can test your own website quickly and easily by visiting the Google Mobile-Friendly test page here.

If your website passes the mobile-friendly test you are well on the way to appeasing Google and will not be penalised in their search results.

Image of Evaluation prior to update

If however your website is not mobile-friendly it will fail the test and Google will tell you exactly why and what you need to do to address issues raised.

Image showing results of the test of the Stags Head Site prior to renewal

I’ve failed the Google mobile friendly website test – What now?

You need to acknowledge what the Google mobile-friendly test results are telling you if you do not want to be penalised and slip down their rankings. Doing nothing should not be an option!



Click on this image or scan using the QR code to see an example of our work and how Web4Fone Solutions addressed the Google test results for The Stag’s Head – Maidwell a local pub/restaurant in Northamptonshire.

In addition to the mobile site we worked in partnership with our colleagues at to undertake a complete refresh of their existing site and move it to WordPress Content Management System together with an integrated mobile friendly version of their site as per the image.

Visit Stagshead Maidwell main site.

Google PageSpeed Insights Test

Whilst undertaking the website refresh we also paid attention to the results from Google’s PageSpeed Insights tests. These tests analyse your website pages by measuring their performance, both for your laptop/desktop PC and mobile devices.

Why is Website PageSpeed Important?

Quite simply it’s all about user experience. How many times have you visited a site which has an image slideshow right at the top of the every page? Do you get bored or frustrated waiting for the page to load and does this make you go to another site?

Now think about the same experience if you are on your mobile device. A slow, unresponsive webpage that has not been optimised for a mobile device not only creates a poor user experience for your customers, it could eat into their data usage if they are not in a WiFi zone.

 We make you mobile-friendly

At Web4Fone Solutions we can help you avoid the Google demotion for not having a mobile friendly version of your site. Use the Contact Us form to get in touch. We will take it from there!


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